Consumer Codes

Welcome to the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS)

What is the CCAS?

The CCAS is facilitated self-regulation. It aims to bolster consumer protection and improve customer service standards by: 

  • the approval and promotion of codes of practice
  • setting out the principles of effective customer service
  • recognising approved traders - look for the CTSI approved code logo 

In April 2012, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) invited CTSI to establish a successor to the Office of Fair Trading CCAS on a self-funding basis from April 2013. The management of the scheme has now transferred to the Consumer Codes Approval Board (CCAB) operated by CTSI. 


Take a look at our CCAS information booklet here (PDF 863KB) 




The CCAS covers the whole of the United Kingdom.

Our vision

The scheme is designed to strike a balance between:

  • the reduction of consumer detriment; for more transactions, by more consumers, in more circumstances
  • being inclusive, independent, sustainable, visible, and well-understood

Vision and Future Strategy - Baroness Crawley's presentation 29 Oct 2013 (PDF 520KB)

What is involved in the approval process?

The two-stage approval process ensures the code sponsor will adhere to set code criteria including: 

  • the provision of clear pre-contractual information
  • protection of prepayments
  • dealing with consumers in their own home
  • monitoring procedures
  • independent dispute resolution schemes

Codes will be approved only if they can robustly demonstrate a potential reduction in consumer detriment. Codes approval is intended to be a rigorous and intensive process for code sponsors.