Governance of the scheme

Governance of the Scheme

What is the Consumer Codes Approval Board (CCAB)?

The Board is responsible for determining all matters relating to the approval of codes of practice and discharging its fiduciary responsibilities for the company; it consists of up to seven members.

The CCAB is responsible for:

• setting the (Community Interest Company) CIC objectives

• meeting the requirements of the CIC Regulator

• setting the core criteria for approval

• setting the budget requirement 

• approving the subscription methodology and fees

• final approval of codes

• final discipline/revocation code approval

• fiduciary responsibilities for the CIC

• producing an annual report on the activities of the CIC

Please find the articles of association here (word doc 152KB) and the memorandum of association here (word doc 46KB) 


Community Interest Company (CIC)

The CCAB is a Community Interest Company. CTSI considers that establishing the new CCAB as a CIC will strengthen its focus both on reducing consumer detriment and acting in the interests of the community as a whole.

'We will act in the collective community interest, operating an open and transparent approach. We will welcome the use of the results of our scheme to ensure markets work well for consumers and businesses; parliamentarians are supported in their work and consumer advocacy is enhanced'. 


Asset locked body

The asset locked body is responsible for distributing the assets of the company in accordance with the community interest statement in the event that the company is wound up.

The Trustees of the College of Fellows, our charitable and benevolent society, act as the asset locked body for CCAB. 


Meet the Board

chair - Baroness Crawley (PDF 73KB)

Leon Livermore (PDF 70KB)

Barbara Hughes (PDF 95KB)

Victor Olowe (PDF 59KB)

Matthew Upton


2016 meetings

Papers for the meeting 23 February 2016 at CTSI London office:

CCAB Board agenda 23 February 2016 (PDF 507KB)

CCAB Board minutes 23 February 2016


2015 meetings

Papers for the meeting 20 October 2015 at CTSI London office: 

CCAB Board agenda 20 October 2015 (PDF 510KB)

CCAB Board minutes 20 October 2015 (PDF 220KB)


Papers for the meeting 14 July 2015 at CTSI London office:

CCAB Board agenda 14 July 2015 (PDF 515KB)

CCAB Board minutes 14 July 2015 (PDF 433KB) 


Papers for the meeting 19 May 2015 at CTSI London office:

CCAB Board agenda 19 May 2015 (PDF 597KB)

CCAB Board minutes 19 May 2015 (PDF 227KB) 


Papers for the meeting 03 February 2015 at One Great George Street, London: 

CCAB Board Meeting Agenda 03 February 2015 (PDF 582KB)

CCAB Minutes 03 February 2015 (PDF 302KB)