Product safety in rented accommodation for tenants

When choosing rented furnished accommodation, check the furnishings and appliances carefully to make sure they are safe.  The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 regulate the safety of new and second-hand products used by consumers. There are safety regulations that apply to specific products. The purpose behind all the regulations is to protect you from defective products that can cause injury or death. Often letting agents as well as landlords are liable if products supplied with the tenancy are not of the standard required by law.

Upholstered furniture generally must have covers that resist ignition from a match flame test, upholstery that resists ignition from a smouldering cigarette test, appropriate filling materials and the required labelling. Electrical goods and gas appliances must be safe with appropriate instructions where necessary. All goods supplied must be safe - these may include oil heaters, glazing, lawnmowers, ironing boards, chairs, and step ladders.

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