Advertising Standards Authority

1. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has published guidance on the use of speed claims in adverts for multi-core PC processors. If a computer is advertised as having a 'dual-core' processor, what does it mean and why is it misleading to describe 2 x 3 GHz as 6 GHz?  

2. What is 'online behavioural advertising' (OBA)?

3. Advertising for which product is no longer allowed on television, radio, internet, emails etc (since May this year)?

4. Which body enforces legislation on misleading claims displayed on shop shelves or at till points?

5. There was a lot of concern about charity fundraising in 2015. The ASA regulates advertisements referring to fundraising, but complaints about matters such as doorstep and on–street collections should be addressed to which body?

6. Which advertisement on television did the ASA receive the most complaints about in 2015?