TSI has experience in organising a wide range of events at a variety of differing venues. The TSI events team run various events throughout the year, both in-house and under contract to outside bodies.

What events do we offer?

Our events include training days, three day conferences, seminars, round tables, telephone tutorials and examinations.

TSI is pleased to offer a diverse and comprehensive programme of events for both TSI members and non members.  If you would like us to organise an event for you please contact

TSI events to suit you

We can offer you:

  •  training from industry experts and key players

  • the most recent legislation and policy

  • learn best practice from your peers

  • 360 degree networking and learning opportunities

  • any TSI Event can be developed to be delivered in-house to your business through our tailored training courses

  • excellent value for money

Our new annual events programme is being developed to cater for your training and learning needs, both personally and professionally.

If you have any suggestions for subjects or speakers/trainers please contact the TSI events team by email to 

Available events

Take a look at our annual events page for details of upcoming events.

For your training needs visit the training pages