Sample questions

Young ConsumersTry out our sample questions on your students to see how they get on.

Social Responsibility and The Environment

Q. What do the letters ASBO stand for?
A. Anti-social Behaviour Order

Q. Which discarded confectionary product has been defined in law as litter?
A. Chewing Gum

Q. In environmental terms what are the 3Rs?
A. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Food and Drink

Q. Citrus fruits are high in which vitamin?
A. Vitamin C

Q. What is the salted roe of a sturgeon called?
A. Caviar

Q. What is the name of the tea which is flavoured with bergamot?
A. Earl Grey Tea

Money and Finance

Q. How many digits are there in a bank sort code?
A. Six

Q. In order to pay for your university education you may need to take what type of low interest financial assistance?
A. Student Loan

Q. They may be state, personal or stakeholder and we need them when we retire. What are they?
A. Pensions

A Question of Credit

Q. Name one of the three main Credit Reference agencies?
A. Experian, Equifax and Call Credit

Q. What should you do to build up a good credit history?
A. Pay bills on time

Q. How old must you be before a finance company can offer you a credit card?
A. Eighteen


Q. Which OFT looks after price fixing in the UK?                                                    
A. Office of Fair Trading

Q. Which Government Department is responsible for collecting income tax?
A. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs

Q. What FOIA is policed by the information commissioner?
A. The Freedom of Information Act