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Beware scam pretending to be trading standards

Peterborough City Council Trading Standards are warning consumers about bogus phone callers who are claiming to be from trading standards.
A local consumer has received a call from a person who said that he was Alex Jones and that he worked for trading standards.  He said that he had a cheque for £500 to deliver as the result of a court claim; however he said that he required a cheque for £200 for administrative costs.  The consumer was told that a courier would call to collect the cheque personally.
No trading standards department would operate in this way and consumers are warned to not be taken in by this scam.  Do not give any personal details to any caller offering money in return for an advance payment and certainly do not give your address to allow these callers to visit you.
Any consumers who are concerned should ring the Citizens Advice Consumer Line on 08454 040506