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Massaging cash from the elderly - ts warning

Elderly residents are being targeted by a high-pressure salesman attempting to convince them of the need to buy massage beds that he claims can treat a range of ailments. 
Croydon’s trading standards team is warning residents not to part with any cash for an item that may fall short of their expectations, and which is not backed by any firm evidence nor guarantee of its effectiveness. 

The team has received a number of reports of a cold caller – described as middle aged, with long black hair and wearing a black coat adorned with yellow lettering – who talks his way into residents’ homes and regales them with questions regarding their health.

He then makes a range of claims for the massage bed, none of which are supported by printed literature.

Thus far, he has targeted the Shirley area, working within the No Cold Calling Zone, which was designed to stop exactly this kind of unsolicited approach to households.

A number of residents have said the caller purports to be a representative of Age UK, but the organisation has confirmed that its officers never cold call at homes.

Councillor Simon Hoar, cabinet member for community safety, said: “Once again, it appears to be the trusting elderly who are being targeted by cold callers.
“Residents should be very careful if unsupported claims are made for goods about which they probably know very little.
“It’s also particularly worrying that this salesman is working in an area that’s clearly signposted as being a No Cold Calling Zone. When the identity of the company he’s working for has been confirmed, our officers will be making sure he stops.”