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New website for advice

The advice website for those shopping across EU borders has been redesigned - visit to see for yourself!

The EU-wide network of European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) offers free consumer help and advice:

  • Travel advice and a buyers' guide for European consumers shopping for goods and services in other EU countries, Norway or Iceland, with practical consumer tips that can save you money and help avoid problems.
  • Free expert help in settling your complaint against an EU-based foreign trader, for example an online seller or a tour operator from a neighbouring country, in case you are not happy about how they handled your complaint.

The Centres are co-sponsored by the European Commission and national governments.

There is a European Consumer Centre in every EU country as well as in Norway and Iceland, so you can get help and advice at home for problems abroad.

Its remit is to provide advice and assistance in consumer disputes - it does not have no powers to enforce legislation or investigate traders. Whilst we will  co-operate with enforcement agencies, we have no influence on how they handle a case.

If you had encountered problems with shopping across borders go to