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Urgent call for injury and accident database

FirstAidBoxTSI is lining up with 28 other organisations to call for a pan-European accident and injury database. The United Kingdom lost its accident and injury database more than 10 years ago - TSI has since been supporting campaigns to reinstate such a system.

TSI's lead officer for product safety Christine Heemskerk said: “Comprehensive injury and accident data would help highlight areas of concern to enable authorities to take appropriate action to help prevent accidents and improve product safety.  All such data we are now working on in the UK is 10 years old, and therefore doen't for example include the blind cord tragedies that took another child's life as recently as a few weeks ago.  Had we had a database in place we could have acted on this intelligence much quicker – some of these fatal accidents could have been prevented.
“We are very pleased to see this joint call as part of European Consumer Day for an injury and accident database - it is long overdue and is needed as a matter of urgency."

Full press release (PDF 521kb) from EuroSafe issued 14 March 2013.

Date: 14 March 2013