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Consumer power could be key to lower energy prices

An innovative scheme that is being supported by Croydon Council could see residents receiving smaller household fuel bills.

Anybody with even half an eye on the news recently will be aware that energy prices look set to continue on an upward curve.
However, with the aim of trying to help hard-pressed council taxpayers, a number of the capital’s local authorities have joined forces to run a scheme called The Big London Energy Switch. 

The scheme taps into consumer power to help all those who sign up to get a better deal on their gas and electricity prices. The more people that register, the better the offer will be, enabling greater savings on their energy bills.

Once registration has closed, energy companies will compete to provide the best offer to all those registered, who will then receive details of how much money they could potentially save by switching provider if they accept the offer.

Anybody who pays a household energy bill can take part and there is no obligation on customers to accept the offer.

Jason Perry, cabinet member for planning, transport and sustainability, said: “This is a good scheme that, providing enough people sign up for it, could make a real difference to family finances.

“With pressure on household budgets seeming to build day by day, anything that can help keep prices down has to be welcomed, and the buying power of many, many consumers is the perfect vehicle to achieve that.”

For more information and to register for the next auction, go to: before 9 April.
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DATE: 25 March 2013