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Illegal Olympics flag seller fined

A charity flag seller has been handed a £440 penalty after illegally street trading during the Olympic Torch Relay in Kingston last summer.

Kingston Council prosecuted John Robert Daniells of Tiptree, Essex, after Trading Standards officers spotted him last July dressed in a Help for Heroes t-shirt, pushing a trolley with Help for Heroes signs on it, and selling Union Jack flags for £1 and £2. He also had a collection bucket marked ‘Help for Heroes’.

Daniells, when questioned by council officers, refused to say if all the money being collected was destined for the registered charity and left the area, Richmond Magistrates heard earlier this month.
Enquiries revealed that just 10 per cent of the money from the flag sale was intended to be given to Help for Heroes.

Daniells admitted street trading without a licence. He was fined £125 and ordered to pay £300 costs plus a £15 victim surcharge.

Councillor Simon James, Kingston Council’s Lead Member for Trading Standards, said:

“This was not simply a charity collector as might have seemed at first glance, but someone taking advantage of a great occasion and people’s goodwill without disclosing that only 20 pence of every £2 for a flag would go to charity.

“Street traders need our permission to work in the borough so that we can ensure they operate transparently and to avoid consumers being misled.”

DATE: 24 April 2013