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£145million fraud tackled by NTSB projects

National Trading Standards Board logoThe NTSB shows it has teeth as it reaches its first anniversary; fraud worth more than £145 million has been tackled by projects funded by it in the last 12 months.

The Board was set up as part of the new Consumer Landscape in April 2012 to provide leadership, influence, support and resources to help combat consumer and business detriment locally, regionally and nationally across England and Wales.  It has received praise from the Consumer Minister Jo Swinson for the impact it is already having, contributing towards the Government’s proposals to simplify the consumer landscape, strengthen the effectiveness of enforcement and empower consumers.

Going forward from April 2013 the NTSB now has the responsibility for national and more complex consumer enforcement cases previously handled by the Office of Fair Trading, building on their existing responsibility for coordinating intelligence and prioritising national and cross-boundary enforcement in areas such as scams, illegal money lending and rogue traders.

Figures from NTSB enforcement projects in England and Wales show that in the last 12 months:
•    £139,675,242 potential fraud was uncovered by Scambusters teams
•    £7,194,026 consumer detriment avoided by Scambusters teams
•    £1,392,700 total value of loans made by loan sharks tackled by Illegal Money Lending teams, with 865 victims being given direct or indirect support
•    £6,7million potential fraud relating to investigations was uncovered by the National e-Crime Centre.
•    70 per cent of imports sampled by the Safety at Ports Project were found to be unsafe or non compliant

Read the full press release, issued 30 April 2013.

Read the full 2013-14 business plan (PDF 539kb)