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Cockermouth retailers get 100% in recent underage alcohol sales test

Officers in Allerdale Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team working alongside Trading Standards carried out underage test purchasing of alcohol in Cockermouth on Thursday 18th July 2013.

The joint operation kicked off in west Cumbria and will be rolled out county-wide during the summer holidays.  The team are using underage volunteers to visit pubs and off licences to check the premises are complying with restricted products legislation.

Anyone selling alcohol to underage people is liable to an £80 fine and further offences could lead to a retailer losing their alcohol licence.

Alan Taylor, Problem Solving Officer with Cumbria Police said “Six premises were visited in total and praise goes to all six establishments that did not make the sales”.  

 “I am pleased to see that all retailers tested complied with their legal obligations.

“This exercise will be repeated in the future in this and other areas to ensure that the correct practices and procedures are in place by those premises that sell alcohol and to reduce the anti-social issues that arise as a result”.  

Angela Jones Trading Standards Service Manager “Trading Standards and the Police conduct regular test purchasing of alcohol in Cumbria using young volunteers as part of a wider campaign to help reduce the harm to young people. 

“The majority of retailers are responsible and have implemented measures to prevent underage sales. We appreciate the efforts the retailers have taken to sell alcohol responsibly and we continue to urge all retailers to check the ID of any young person attempting to buy alcohol, if in any doubt refuse the sale."

Any person or premises seen to be flouting these laws can be reported to the Police on 101 or Trading Standards on 08454 04 05 06.  Members of the public may also call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


DATE: 23 Ju;y 2013