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Buying a used car? TSI are here to help

Trading Standards Institute (TSI) is proud to announce it will be holding its annual National Consumer Week from 4 November 2013. 

Hoping to help consumers make the right decision when buying a used car, TSI will be holding the week long event to raise national awareness on consumer rights through industry and trading standards advice and guidance                               

The key messages for National Consumer Week are:

  • Buying a used car? Is it safe? Is it legal? Is it what it seems?
  • Check it or regret it.
  • Extra layer of detail on key messages (further detail still will be available with click throughs to existing advice and guidance)

Is it safe?

  • Check MOT certificate (to see if car is roadworthy)
  • Check vehicle is not recalled via VOSA website (may have been recalled due to being unsafe)
  • Get engineer’s check (check for hidden dangers)
  • Check service history (shows car is maintained)

Is it legal?

  • Check MOT certificate (legal requirement)
  • Check registered keeper (to know car isn’t stolen)
  • Get engineer’s checks (check for cut and shut)
  • Check car isn’t a write off (illegal to sell written off cars)

Is it what it seems?

  • Check service history, test drive (does it meet your expectations such as features, condition.)
  • Check value in x manual (are you getting a reasonable price and not being ripped off)
  • Get engineer’s checks (Check you are getting what you expect and not being mis-sold)
  • Walkaround checks (check for obvious bumps and scratches, signs that the car isn’t what it’s being sold as)

Local authoirities and press are invited to contact for more information.