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Croft car boot sale signs up to the "Real Deal"

The organisers of Croft Car Boot Sale have signed up to a partnership with Leicestershire County Council’s Trading Standards Service to keep their event free from fake goods.

The partnership is part of the national “Real Deal” campaign aimed at keeping sellers of fake goods away from markets and car boot sales.

In November 2010 Trading Standards signed up Melton, Loughborough and Hinckley town markets, in order to provide Leicestershire consumers with the confidence that they could only buy genuine goods from High Street town markets.

Due to the success with the town markets, the scheme is now being rolled out to car boots across the county, but only when they have proved themselves to be committed to the scheme and work with Trading Standards to keep their car boot fake free.

Pam Posnett, Leicestershire County Council Cabinet Member for Trading Standards, said: “We are pleased to be able to offer the “Real Deal” campaign to the operators of Croft car boot sale.
“By signing this pledge, the operators are assuring consumers that they won’t sell counterfeit goods, which can be poor quality and, in some cases, dangerous.”

Paul Massarella, organiser of Croft car boot sale, said: “We take pride in working with the local Trading Standards Service, to ensure that counterfeit goods are discouraged and not knowingly sold at car boot sales. Counterfeit goods are often lesser quality and can be dangerous, so our aim is to promote a safe, counterfeit free, family friendly day out."

David Bull Head of Leicestershire County Council’s Trading Standards Service said “The Real Deal campaign is proving to be a real success and provides consumers with confidence that they are purchasing genuine goods.”

Croft Car Boot Sale follows in the footsteps of Measham and Bottesford Car Boot Sales, which have also signed up to the “Real Deal” scheme.

For more information on Leicestershire County Council’s Trading Standards Service visit:


1. The Real Deal national charter is designed to keep traders in counterfeit goods out of UK markets. It was launched at the Trading Standards Institute Annual Conference in Brighton on 30 June 2009. Initiated by the Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness, the Real Deal campaign is supported by the UK-IPO; the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS); the Local Government Association (LGA);the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA); the Trading Standards Institute (TSI);the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA);the Retail Markets Alliance (RMA); the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)and the Alliance Against IP Theft. In effect, all the key organisations, with an interest in this issue in England and Wales, have joined forces under the Real Deal campaign banner to tackle the problem. For more information, go to 

2. Croft car boot is open every Sunday and bank holiday from March to mid November every year. 

3. The Trade Marks Act 1994 makes it an offence to manufacture, be in possession of or to sell counterfeit goods.  The maximum sentence is an unlimited fine and or 10 years imprisonment.

4.The contacts are: Louise Boyall – 0116 305 6541 
                                Caroline North – 0116 305 6568 
DATE: 03 October 2013