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Knowledge Strategy (Public Health England) - TSI response - November 2013

TSI response (PDF 219KB). TSI submitted the attached response to the Public Health England consultation "Knowledge strategy: harnessing the power of information to improve the public's health". Within a couple of hours we received a personal response from the gentleman running the consultation.

He wrote: "Thanks very much for your supportive and constructive response and for taking the time to read the Knowledge Strategy. I particularly note your points about supporting our approach on data openness and linkage and our approach to collaboration. I expect that there are areas for data sharing we had not considered that will be key to your stakeholder group and I would be keen to understand those requirements further. The speed with which we are able to identify and respond to your particular requirements will be a test as to how effective our collaborative approach is! I am sure (indeed, I hope) you will hold us to account in this regard."

This bodes well for the future trading standards relationship with Public Health England and involvement in the public health arena.