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TSI's Phil Owen welcomed to PROSAFE board

Trading Standards Institute's (TSI) services director Phil Owen has been appointed to the board of the Product Safety and Enforcement Forum of Europe (PROSAFE) putting TSI and the UK at the forefront of European product safety. 

PROSAFE brings together market surveillance organisations from across the Europe Union (EU) in a cooperative approach to improving product and service safety and market surveillance throughout Europe. 

During his four-year appointment, Owen hopes to further boost the UK's involvement in the EU's market surveillance coordination efforts.

"We are showing we are a leader in Europe and the UK when it comes to coordinating product safety,' Owen said. 'One of TSI's aims is to work with the EU to raise the profile of the trading standards profession. I am pleased to say that we are meeting that objective through our work with PROSAFE.'

Owen recently visited Malta and Slovenia as part of a European peer review of ongoing improvements to market surveillance. He also took part in an visit to China that initiated a PROSAFE Joint Action that aims to create a seamless market surveillance system between the EU and China. TSI is now partnering Suffolk Trading Standards and Trading Standards South East ltd to form the UK's participation in this project that in time will help curtail the amount of contravening imported products from China that are entering Europe. 

"We have already worked with PROSAFE to improve the safety of sun-beds, lighters, child-appealing appliances and fireworks,' Owen said. 'I hope to continue this work and build on TSI's involvement with the EU." 

TSI is a founding organisation of PROSAFE, which launched 23 years ago, and has had members ever since including Noel Hunter OBE, Ron Gainsford OBE and Mike Drewry with Noel Hunter OBE only recently retiring from a board position. 

After helping to design a market surveillance training strategy for PROSAFE in 2007, TSI delivered the first ever e-learning product safety training for market surveillance officers from the EU in 2009. 

Leon Livermore, chief executive of TSI said: "Phil Owen's appointment to the board is a great opportunity for the UK's trading standards profession to be recognised. Through combating unsafe and illegal products on a united front, we can hope that trading standards will be maintained and enforced strictly and fairly throughout Europe."


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DATE: 02  December 2013