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Huge haul of illegal tobacco and alcohol for Enfield Trading Standards

More than a quarter of a million illegal cigarettes and gallons of illicit alcohol have been seized and HMRC in a joint operation with Enfield Council’s Trading Standards Team.

In all 393,660 cigarettes, 10 kilos of rolling tobacco and 198.75 litres of alcohol such as (TYPW) were seized from a storage unit in Edmonton on 12 November 2013 following a raid with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and a sniffer dog

The owner of the products had failed to pay duty on the items and the tobacco did not display the legally required health warnings, Enfield Council is now trying to track down the owner of the haul so they can be prosecuted.

 Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Chris Bond, said: “This is not just a matter of avoiding customs duties, it also causes legitimate  businesses to suffer financial losses because they can’t compete with the very low prices people charge for illegal cigarettes and alcohol.

 “These goods are even more of a health hazard than they would normally be because we haven’t a clue what’s in them and they are potentially going to be relatively easy for children to get their hands on.”

DATE: 03 December 2013