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'Cancer cure' alternative health practitioner appears in court

Westminster Trading Standards has instigated legal proceedings against an alternative health practitioner who uses a room in London’s Harley Street, for making various claims contrary to the Cancer Act 1939.

The claims - by Errol Denton of Essex -  include claims of treating cancer by carrying out a ‘live blood test’ to ascertain ‘imbalances’ in the blood which are then treated by prescribing an alkaline diet including herbs. 
Mr Denton conducted his own defence and during the opening of the trial he refused to accept that he was Mr Denton. The district judge threatened to have him moved to the public gallery if he didn’t confirm his name and address. He eventually accepted that he was “Errol of the Denton family”. 
Throughout the prosecution opening statement Mr Denton interrupted with several shouts of “objection”.  District Judge Sweet reminded him that he was not in an American court room and he will have his opportunity to talk when the time came.   
One of the articles on his website says, “wake up to the fact that cancer is a disease caused by lifestyle changes and herbs. Natural cancer cures are being suppressed in order to cull population growth”. He is being charged with nine breaches of the Act. 
The case is now postponed until 20th March 2014 after being only being part heard. 
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