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Unsafe sweets found on sale in Staffordshire

Today (12 February) magistrates at Stafford Magistrates Court ruled that confectionary which had been on sale in four Staffordshire shops and had been seized by Staffordshire trading standards was unsafe and ordered it to be destroyed as it posed a risk to human health.

The Court heard from Khal Mahmood of Staffordshire County Council that trading standards officers had visited 4 premises across Staffordshire and discovered a range of confectionary on sale that had not been labelled accurately. Some confectionary contained allergens which were not declared on the sweet wrappers. 

The Court heard that the business had been visited recently on a number of occasions by trading standards officers. Officers had given the retailer detailed advice on how to label the sweets accurately and the retailer was given the opportunity to correct the labelling. When officers returned to the premises on 31st January this year there were still sweets on sale which contained allergens which were not declared.

Each year about 10 people die as a result of allergy and intolerance to food; around 1-2% of adults and 5-8% of children in the UK have a food allergy, with up to 1 in 55 children having a peanut allergy.

“Allergy and intolerance to foods are significant health issues in the UK and internationally, to many people this can be a life threatening condition. As such it is absolutely critical that food labels are accurate and declare any allergens that the food contains. 

This retailer has been given detailed advice and guidance about how to label these goods accurately by our Trading Standards Officers and has chosen to ignore it, as such Trading Standards Officers have removed the products from sale and asked the court to order their destruction, which the court has done today”

Tom Hobbins 

Campaigns officer (media) 

Staffordshire County Council 

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DATE: 13 February 2014