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Scams awareness training provided by trading standards partnership

West Yorkshire Trading Standards is working in South and East Leeds delivering a series of workshops that aim to increase money management and budgeting skills for local residents.     

As part of a community education programme on financial capability, local residents will have the opportunity to participate in some creative and engaging workshops that are being held at Crossgates Library in Leeds on 4th and 18th March commencing at 2pm.  

The session on 4th March aims to explore common scams and frauds which have the potential to part us from large sums of cash. By the end of the session residents should feel better equipped to identify scams and as a result, be less likely to fall victim to such schemes.    

Scam letters and phishing emails are now all too common, and with the ever increasing number of residents gaining access to the internet, it is more important than ever to be on guard against scamsters. Emails may purport to come from your bank or email account provider and seek personal details.  Letters commonly make false claims relating to lotteries, prize draws or other big wins and may also seek personal details or an advance fee before a prize can be paid out. 

On 18th March the Best Deal Session will be delivered. This is an interactive workshop session which includes practical tips on how to increase energy efficiency and reduce the energy bills. Topics will include understanding different tariffs and payment methods; switching suppliers; how to use less energy; and the help that is available towards energy costs and to make homes more energy efficient. 

Cllr Bill Urry, of the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Committee, said: “In these financially difficult times, it is crucial that we are able to protect the money that we have by being able to recognise when people are using unscrupulous methods to get us to part with it.  With continually rising energy prices, it is also imperative to know how to get the best deal on our energy supply and how to reduce the energy that we use in our homes.”  

Information on saving energy in your home is available from the Energy Saving Trust.

If you would like to book a place on the workshop at Crossgates Library please contact Dawn Mason on 011303939819 or send an e-mail to 

Notes to Editor: 

For more information please contact Yvette Sheldon at or call 0113 393 9806. 

DATE: 26 February 2014