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Illegal sale and storage of fireworks leads to big fines

Illegal storage of fireworks

A national company who are a major supplier of fireworks to the retail trade were found guilty on 27 March 2014 at Bristol Magistrates Court of the offence of selling a large quantity of fireworks to a person who did not hold a licence to store them.

Echo 2 Ltd, who are the owners of the firework brand ‘Dancing Red Devil’ were convicted for an offence under The Health and Safety at Work Act. They were fined £12,000, with a victim surcharge of £120, and costs were awarded against them of £6,532.

This follows the earlier conviction on 8 January 2014 of Darren Pool of Swiss Cottage, Iron Mould Lane, Brislington who pleaded guilty to two offences of storing and acquiring more than 50 kilogrammes of fireworks without being licensed to do so. The offences are under safety legislation enforced by Bristol City Council trading standards which is intended to control the storage and sale of explosives.

In January 2013 officers of Bristol City Council seized more than a quarter of a tonne of fireworks from Mr Pool’s premises in Brislington.

Pool was given a community penalty of 12 months with an unpaid work requirement of 100 hours.  He was also ordered to pay total costs of £1,890 to Bristol City Council.  The court made an order for the seized fireworks to be forfeited and disposed of. 

Nick Evans of Bristol City Council’s trading standards service said:  ‘’ The storage of large quantities of fireworks can be extremely dangerous unless properly controlled and regulated. These measures protect public safety by ensuring storage conditions are suitable for quantities stored and at the same time providing integrity of the supply chain. Echo 2 Ltd ignored these controls and supplied fireworks without checking if the necessary storage licences were in place which would not have been issued due to the conditions of storage.’’ 

DATE: 2 April 2014