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Recycled counterfeit goods handed over to Powys organisation

Counterfeit goods that were handed to a charity by Powys County Council to be recycled have been made legal, returned and distributed to an organisation within the county.

His Church charity handed over the clothes and other that had been seized by the council’s Trading Standards Service to Kaleidoscope last month (Wednesday 18 June).

The Bedfordshire-based charity removed the logos from the fake or illegal designer clothing and the items are re-branded with a genuine His Church label allowing them to be handed over legally.

Trading standards officers often seize large quantities of fake goods at retail premises, markets, car boots and even households and when defendants are successfully prosecuted, the goods must be disposed of securely. On the same day, the service handed over some 2,000 counterfeit items to the charity including CDs, clothing, boots, sunglasses and other goods, which would command a retail value of over £50,000 if sold, again with the purpose of HIS church finding a way to recycle them where possible.

Cllr John Powell, Cabinet Member responsible for Trading Standards, said: "Traders of fake merchandise make money out of someone else’s work and getting these goods off the streets of Powys is an important role of our trading standards service.

"By teaming up with His Church, not only are we protecting consumers, but we are also helping others make use of the items seized."

Clive Jones, the council’s Acting Professional Lead for Trading Standards, said: "While it is great to see that Kaleidoscope benefit from this handover, we have to remind people that counterfeiting is not the victimless crime that some of them may think.

"The proceeds from fake goods often go to organised criminals who are involved in other crime in our communities and also this has a direct affect on our local and legitimate traders who end up unfairly competing with counterfeiters, with the potential knock-on threat of losing jobs because of this activity. We would encourage residents and businesses to provide information to our service about suspect activities in their communities to stop and prevent these crimes."

Richard Humphrey from His Church said: "We are delighted to act in partnership with the council’s trading standards service in turning counterfeit products into real aid for those who need it most."

James Varty, Kaleidoscope’s Regional Manager, said: "We would like to thank His Church for this donation and we will distribute it to those who need it. We would also like to thank trading standards staff as without their work in protection consumers and local businesses, this handover would not have been possible."

Date: 11 July 2014