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Make sure you use E-cigarettes safely

North East Lincolnshire Council’s Trading Standards team is advising smokers who use e-cigarettes to make sure they do so safely. 

E–cigarettes have recently grown in popularity in the UK with an estimated 2.1 million people now using them. 

The technology associated with e-cigarettes does present some risks if not used correctly and it’s important that people know how to use them safely and only buy them from reputable retailers. 
A fire started at a house in Grimsby last summer because a charger that had not been supplied with an e-cigarette had been used to charge it. 

Luckily the smoke alarm alerted the homeowner to the fire, but he was burned whilst trying to extinguish it and it could have been much worse. 

The Trading Standards team has issued the following top tips to help keep people safe: 

  • Only use the charger that came with the e-cigarette to charge it 
  • Do not leave an e-cigarette unattended and charging for long periods of time 
  • Buy e-cigarettes from a reputable UK retailer and check for the CE marking on the charger 
  • Keep out the reach of children and pets – the nicotine capsules are small and can be dangerous if swallowed 
  • Consumers should contact Citizens Advice on 08454 04 05 06 if they think the product is unsafe. 

Cllr Hazel Chase, portfolio holder for Safer and Stronger Communities, said: “Regardless of the debate surrounding whether or not e-cigarettes are a healthier option, hundreds of thousands of people are choosing to use them and we need to make sure they aren’t putting themselves at unnecessary risk. 

“There are a lot of poorly made e-cigarettes for sale that don’t meet European safety requirements, so only buy them from reputable retailers and never charge an e-cigarette with a device that wasn’t bought with it.” 

Community protection manager Neil Clark, responsible for Trading Standards, added: “Mixing up charges with different devices can lead to dire consequences, even with low voltage products such as e-cigarettes. Like any electrical device, e-cigarettes can be prove dangerous if not used properly so don’t put yourself at risk.” 


Notes to Editor: 
Sean Topham 
Communications and Marketing 
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DATE: 04 August 2014