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Stick 'em up! - Scam-busting stickers launched

Scammers could come to a sticky end thanks to the launch of warning stickers by Croydon Council’s trading standards team. 
The stickers, designed to be applied to cheque books and domestic telephones, contain helpful advice and information designed to help protect residents from scams.

Research by the Office of Fair Trading shows that scammers have targeted half the UK population, conning three million people every year at a cost of £3.5bn annually.

Sadly, some victims of these heartless crooks have lost their life savings and been traumatised by the experience.

Scammers work by adding the details of victims to a “suckers list” which is sold on to other scammers, resulting in further scam attempts. In addition to losing their money, many victims’ well-being is affected, destroying the quality of their lives beyond the financial loss.

The handy, bright and attention-grabbing stickers are designed to be stuck on chequebooks and telephones to remind people to stop and think before writing a cheque, or when asked, on the phone, to provide personal information.

They are aimed at high-risk residents, such as older people – be they family, friends or neighbours – particularly those who may live alone and who may be already subject to scam mail or scam calls, or who may be at risk of being targeted. 

The stickers provide a simple message and advice, including the telephone number of Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service, which works closely with the trading standards department.

Councillor Hamida Ali, deputy cabinet member for safety and justice, said: “These bright, eye-catching stickers should go a long way to protecting the members of our community who are more at risk.

“It’s a sad reflection of our society that we need to do this, but the fact is that there are people out there who don’t think twice about targeting those who they see as a ‘soft touch’ and are quite prepared to rob their victims of money, dignity and faith in humanity.”

Anybody who would like a sticker pack, either for their own use or for somebody they know, should email or call 020 8407 1311.


DATE: 27 August 2014