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Trader warned for making claims herbal remedy was a treatment for Cancer

A trader at Ridley Road Market was warned by Hackney Council’s trading standards for making claims that her herbal remedy was a treatment for Cancer.

Ms Adenike F Omojola had been selling Moringa Oleifera and claiming that it was a treatment for Cancer. Other claims include that it could be used in the prevention and treatment of other medical conditions including diabetes, arthritis, aneamia, asthma, gastric ulcers, epilepsy and kidney stones. 

Hackney Council’s trading standards visited the stall holder and advised her that it is illegal under the Cancer Act 1939 to make claims to the public that Moringa Oleifera, can be used in the prevention and treatment of Cancer and other medical conditions. 

The trader was also warned that she should not be producing advertisements containing an offer to treat anyone for cancer or to prescribe any remedy. The only exception is for licensed products where the advert is of a technical nature and aimed at the professional field.

Leaflets were removed the from the stall. On the advice of Council officers the same statements have been removed from both the companies’ websites and

Cllr Sophie Linden, Hackney Council’s Deputy Mayor said: “It is an offence to mislead the public with false claims about any product. It can be especially harmful when dealing with a serious disease like Cancer which requires specialist medical treatment. 

“The Council‘s trading standards officers are there to protect consumers and as soon as they were made aware of these false claims action was taken to stop the trader making them. Trading standards officers will continue to work with those involved to make sure no more false claims are made about Moringa Oleifera.”

Ms Adenike F Omojola is registered as one of the company owners for Modrosel UK. 

In addition to the Cancer Act 1939 it is also an offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 to mislead the consumers.

Trading standards received a complaint on 17 September. Letters have also been sent to Modrosel UK to confirm the advice given. A copy of the same letter has been forwarded to Greenwich Trading Standards informing them that the two websites being used were registered in Greenwich.

As part its regular programme of visits to the borough’s markets trading standards officers revisited Ridley Road Market on 26 September. 

Traders selling any herbal remedies should seek advice from trading standards before selling their products. 

For advice or to report a trader contact Hackney Council’s trading standards on; 0208 356 4929 or visit;  

Notes for editors

Medicinal claims cannot be made without the approval of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). 

The Cancer Act 1939 was brought in to stop various products from claiming to be a cure for cancer as it was acknowledged how emotive this issue was and how claims could be used to exploit people at vulnerable time.

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DATE: 30 September 2014