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£42,185,00 assets seized from games console chipping business

On 16th April 2013 Farhan Hussain of Goodway Road, Solihull pleaded guilty to running a fraudulent business under section 9 of the Fraud Act.

Solihull Council’s Public Protection Trading Standards Team carried out the prosecution after being tipped off by the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment. Hussain was tried at Birmingham Crown Court and handed a sentence of six months in prison, suspended for 12 months. 

Mr Hussain ran NDS Card Shop, a web-based company selling R4 and Acekard circumvention devices. These devices are small chips that can be installed into Nintendo game systems, which then allow users to play fake or copied games by overriding the console’s normal security measures.

Following the prosecution, a Proceeds of Crime Act investigation was conducted by Solihull Trading Standards and the Council’s Audit Team into Hussain. Assets to the value of £42,185,00 were identified which had been obtained through his criminal lifestyle. 

The POCA investigation was concluded on 20th October 2014 at Birmingham Crown Court and the judge ordered that £42,185,000 must be repaid, and to be achieved from the sale of Hussain’s property in Solihull. The order stipulated the sum must be paid within 6 months or 16 months in default.  Costs of £1,000 were also awarded.

Gabrielle Whitehouse, Group Leader for Public Protection at Solihull MBC said;

“I am delighted that the hard work our officers put into this case has paid off. This is the first proceeds of crime case that Trading Standards in Solihull has taken, we hope it send’s a very clear message that we will tackle those trading illegally in the Borough and ensure that legitimate traders receive our support”

DATE: 27 October 2014