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E-cigarette advertising rules follow TSI's recommendations

A number of the Trading Standards Institute's (TSI) recommendations were heeded following a consultation by the Committees of Advertising Practice's (CAP) new rules on e-cigarette advertising.

Coming into effect today (10 November 2014), e-cigarette adverts must not appeal to children or non-smokers. 

Recommending that any e-cigarette adverts are directed at people who already smoke, TSI advised that adverts should suggest e-cigarettes are "an alternative to existing tobacco use, not a starting point."

In the consultation TSI said: "There is, we believe, the potential for the advertising of e-cigarette products to promote existing tobacco products by virtue of the use of certain design, colour, imagery, logos or styles that create an association with, or confusion with, an existing tobacco product. Furthermore, anything that promotes smoking-like behaviour must be prohibited.  

More information can be found on the TSI blog