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Important news for broadcast iframe customers

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute's website at is subject to the Government's cull of websites ending in ''.

Web browsers visiting this address from August 2015 will see the government's website rather than our own. Until that point, CTSI's website will be available at both and on its new address.

The business iframe 'wizard' edition of CTSI's broadcast service draws its content from the domain. Once the domain is withdrawn, this broadcast service will no longer operate as intended.

We have therefore extended the service so that it operates under a new domain name. If you use the iframe edition of broadcast, you'll need to make a simple change to your code to point to the new address.

The 'src' attribute of the iframe tag must be changed. Instead of reading:


it must be changed to:


If needed, please change your search/replace routine according to your website's http / https status.

This is a very quick but important change that you need to make before the August deadline.

Please call the helpdesk on 01268 582207 or email us on if you have any questions or need any assistance.

We apologise for the inconvinience this may cause you. This is a matter completely outside of our control.