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No Cigarettes for Under-18s

An advice operation from trading standards has cut underage sales of cigarettes in Dorset.
A test purchase operation carried out in December 2008 revealed  a 14-year-old was able to buy cigarettes from vending machines at 13 out of 20 premises visited.
An information and advice campaign was then carried out by trading standards resulting in impressive results: in April 2009 the young volunteer was able to make his purchase in only one of the 10 premises tested.
Bill Jaggs, head of regulatory services for Dorset county council said:  'I am delighted that the Weymouth businesses have reacted so well to the advice we have given them.
'It is every traders responsibility to ensure that under 18's are not able to purchase tobacco and cigarettes.
'We recognise that supervision of vending machines is not always straight forward but this shows that it can be done. Many traders have opted to switch the machines off so that purchasers have to ask before they can buy, others have had remote controls fitted.'