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Charter to Fight Counterfeits

An initiative to fight dangerous counterfeit electrical goods has been endorsed by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI).

Ron Gainsford, TSI chief executive, signed on the dotted line of the Electrical Installation Charter after chairing the Electrical Safety Council's round table debate on counterfeiting on 16 April.

The Charter is an agreement that confirms the commitment of all signatories in the fight against the trade in counterfeit electrical products, and the proliferation of products failing to comply with the appropriate standards.

Mr Gainsford said: ‘Counterfeit electrical products are almost always substandard - this is very serious as some products like fuses and circuit-breakers are intended to provide electrical protection and must therefore function properly.
‘It is essential for the industry to work together as a lobby group with one interest in mind - improving electrical safety.
‘Individual companies and trading standards departments should also be better linked.  The industry doesn't always seem to be sure whether we are a friend or a foe, but we are definitely a friend, we are here to help.’

The market for counterfeit products is suspected to be as high as 15 per cent of world trade, while an estimated £30million worth of counterfeit electrical products reach the UK every year.