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Shut the Door on Rogues

Distraction burglars and bogus workmen are under the spotlight as trading standards professionals, police officers and Government agencies join forces for the National Rogue Trader Day on May 20.
The day of action forms part of a week of activities highlighting the dangers posed by doorstepping conmen.
Ron Gainsford, chief executive of the Trading Standards Institute (TSI), said: 'Rogue Trader Day is a brilliant example of trading standards professionals, the police and a wide range of other agencies working together to tackle rogue traders who are preying on local communities all over the country.
'Cold-calling conmen who charge extortionate rates for botched jobs, or use the chat on the doorstep as a distraction for burglary, bring despair and misery to the lives of so many people.
'This concerted, high-profile national action is a great way to raise awareness of how people can protect themselves from doorstep criminals and what they need to do if they think rogue traders are operating in their area.
'This event puts the spotlight on these criminals for the day, but they should know that trading standards professionals, jointly with local communities and other agencies involved, are working through the year in their bid to stamp out this menace.'