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Fairness for Consumers

Insurance law reform was the theme of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (CATS) on 19 May.

The meeting was well attended  - TSI was represented by deputy chief executive Paul Ramsden, communications and policy manager Suzanne Kuyser, policy officer Jessica Tangye and press officer Irja Howie.  TSI's new president Baroness Crawley of Edgbaston was also present.

Law Commission commissioner David Hertzell presented to the group the issue of archaic laws presently governing consumer insurance contracts.  There was a shared sense of urgency in the room to codify current best practice in order to make law fair to consumers who act honestly and reasonably.  Deliberate or reckless misrepresentation would still entitle the insurer to withdraw cover and reject a claim.  Austin Mitchell MP was keen to attempt to include this law reform in the next Queen's Speech. 

Mr Ramsden said:  ‘It was a fascinating discussion.  The current legal situation is letting down consumers when they are at their most vulnerable - we are absolutely in favour of a reform as soon as possible and will be giving our support to keeping this issue alive until it is resolved.’

Subsequently, Paul Ramsden was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours together with a representative of the Association of British Insurers. Listen to the programme on the BBC website