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Hope for 'frustrated' fans

As the scheduled date of the first Michael Jackson concert looms, the legal rights ticket holders have to get their money back not only for the concert tickets, but in some cases travel and accommodation too, are highlighted by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI).

Paul Miloseski-Reid, principal trading standards officer in Richmond - home authority for eBay and PayPal - has been working with both companies to clarify and confirm the legal rights for consumers who bought their tickets from eBay.

Mr Miloseski-Reid said: ‘Consumers who have purchased tickets from eBay or any other secondary ticket re-seller are legally entitled to obtain a refund from the seller.

‘Michael Jackson was the crux of the contract and obviously cannot simply be replaced by any other performer therefore the contract is known in legal terms to be 'frustrated'.’

The same legal principle may also apply to any travel and accommodation that fans have booked for the event.

Tony Northcott, spokesman for TSI , confirmed that consumers are advised to request a refund in the first instance from the seller, but said to turn to their credit card company should this prove tricky.

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