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Busted for underage sales

A record fine under the Licensing Act has been issued to a former shopkeeper in Enfield after a trading standards crackdown.

The former licensee of Costcutters in The Green was ordered to pay over £50,000 in fines and costs for selling alcohol to underage customers.

Mohammed Salim pleaded guilty to all 19 charges of trading in breach of some of the conditions on his premises' licence - already in 2007 Mr Salim had pleaded guilty to persistently selling alcohol to minors through his staff.

Mr Salim was bought to court following undercover test purchase operations by Enfield Council's Trading Standards team.

Based on his stated income, and the number and the continuing nature of the offences, the fine was deemed appropriate by the magistrates.

Enfield Councillor Terry Neville said: 'I would like to thank the Council's legal team and our trading standards officers for this outstanding result.

Underage drinking disturbs the peace of our communities and damages youngsters' livers.  We at Enfield Council are determined to protect the quality of life for our residents and our children's health.'