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Flick & Stick at Westminster

A young toy designer who won the Playsafe award at Trading Standards Institute’s conference in 2009 went to London for a lunch organised in her honour at the House of Lords on 14 January, hosted by TSI’s president Baroness Crawley.

The clever creativity of Amber Hainey from Walkden, in Manchester, was rewarded with the top prize of the Playsafe competition, run by TSI and sponsored by the British Toy and Hobby Association, which invites children aged six to 17 to design a safe toy on paper.

The 14-year-old’s winning brainchild is a velcro vest and helmet toy called Flick & Stick – it comes with an arm sleeve stuffed with woolly balls.  The two players throw the soft balls at each other aiming for the targets printed on the outfits –the one ending up with the most points wins!

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