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Salt not salty?

Analyst with saltTrading standards have found the shortage of rock salt for roads has led to a different kind of shortage – that of salt in the product.

Following a consumer complaint West Yorkshire Trading Standards embarked upon an investigation and submitted a bag of material being sold as rock salt for analysis. Upon testing, the material was found to contain only 23 per cent salt, with the majority of the product’s content being composed of sharp sand and small stones. For a material to be sold as rock salt for spreading on highways, by law it must be made up of at least 90 per cent salt and contain less than 7.5 per cent insoluble material.

As well as being less effective than genuine rock salt, this material would leave a substantial gritty residue.

Further investigations by Trading Standards are currently being undertaken with the supplier of this material.
Graham Hebblethwaite, Chief Officer of West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service, said: ‘Even at a time of shortages, such as those we have been seeing recently, consumers have a fundamental right to get what they are paying for. Consumers should not have to pay over the odds for products that are either misleading or of a substandard quality.’