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fake chainsaws

Potentially dangerous counterfeit chainsaws have been seized by Dorset trading standards.

Carmine Paolillo pleaded guilty on 28 January 2010 to an offence under the Trade Marks Act 1994 of being in possession with a view to sale of eight counterfeit Stihl chainsaws.  Mr Paolillo was fined £550 and orderd to pay prosecution costs of £50.

Due to their construction the chainsaws are considered to be unsafe as each had a trigger lock and they would continue to operate if dropped.

Anyone who has purchased one from Mr Paolillo should not use it.

He sold them on doorsteps for £100.

Bill Jaggs , Head of Regulatory Services for Dorset County Council,  said: ‘The sale of counterfeit goods can undermine local retailers trying to make an honest living, and the sale of counterfeits also helps fund more serious criminal activity by those further up the supply chain. This matter is of further concern due to the potential danger posed by these  items and we would urge anyone who has purchased one of these chainsaws not to use it.’

‘This case also highlights the importance of partnership work and  cooperation between  Dorset Police  and the Dorset County Council Trading Standards Service. I am pleased that our officers were able to respond promptly to bring this matter to a swift conclusion.’