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Are you scam aware?

Scamnesty 2010 was launched on February 1 in partnership with 129 trading standards services across the country.

The OFT campaign is calling on consumers to drop scam mailings they have received into designated Scamnesty bins or boxes at local libraries and public areas across the country.

The campaign is also highlighting the damaging emotional impact that scams can have on victims.

This echoes the work done by the TSI-backed Think Jessica campaign which has been fighting to raise awareness of the damage caused by scam mail and how for many silent victims it can spiral out of control.

Ron Gainsford, chief executive of the Trading Standards Institute, said: ’TSI is delighted that this year so many local authorities have signed up to Scams Awareness Month.

‘Local authority Trading Standards Services play a vital role in bringing scammers to task and protecting those preyed upon.
It is vital that we remind the public that in amongst the post can be scam mails sent by not only unscrupulous criminals but people who are prepared to sell your details onto a wide international web of criminal activity. What can seem like an innocent announcement that you have won money can turn into a nightmare of unsolicited mail and financial ruin.'

Scamnesty lasts until 26 February.