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Car clockers to pay up

Two car clockers jailed earlier this year have been ordered to pay back nearly £18,000 by Leicester Crown Court.

The post-graduate students Zubair Ansari and Sharif Uddin will have to pay return the money within three months or face serving further time in prison.

More than £5000 of this money obtained using the Proceeds of Crime Act will be paid back to the victims as compensation.

Ansari and Uddin were jailed for 18 months and 12 months respectively this January after Leicestershire Trading Standards officers uncovered the scam following complaints from victims.

The pair purchased high mileage vehicles from auctions and altered the odometers to show a lower mileage. They then advertised and sold the cars at a higher price, along with forged MOT certificates and bogus service histories to unsuspecting victims.

David Bull, Head of Leicestershire County Council Trading Standards Service, said: ‘Trading Standards will always look to use proceeds of crime legislation to take the profit out of serious crime.

‘We have done this in this case and it means the victims will receive compensation.’