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Unsafe electricals

A trading standards testing initiative has revealed serious safety issues with second hand electrical goods.

Nine out of 15 items, from six different shops, were found to be electrically unsafe.

Redbridge Trading Standards teamed up with the Fire Brigade to check second-hand electrical goods being sold in shops to make sure required safety standards were being met.

A spokesman from Redbridge trading standards said: ‘Many deaths and injuries result from poorly maintained electrical equipment and fires started by faulty electrical appliances. 
‘Anyone buying second-hand electrical goods should make sure the seller can prove the items meet safety requirements – if you are unsure whether the goods are safe do not buy them.’

The retailers were given advice about their obligations to adhere to safety standards and agreed to dispose of the offending items.  One trader destroyed 35 lamps amidst concerns that they were unsafe.
 Anyone buying or selling second-hand electrical items should ensure the goods meet the required safety standards. Failure to do so could lead to prosecution.

All retailers, including second-hand dealers, must only sell appliances that are correctly fitted with an approved plug with sleeved pins and the correct fuse.