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ts fight 'legal high'

Trading standards services across the country are cracking down on the sale of mephedrone following advice from the Home Office.

Home secretary Alan Johnson wrote to trading standards departments calling for help to tackle mephedrone ahead of its likely reclassification as class B drug on 16 April.

This followed confirmation from the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) that the substance, that has caused some 25 deaths in England and Wales, has no utility as either a plant food or a bath salt, which is how it is being sold.

Trading standards services across the UK have been quick to act, carrying out test purchasing and spot checks, seizing stocks and working with businesses to get them to hand their stocks to the police voluntarily in light of the latest advice from ACMD and the soon changing legislation.

Trading Standards Institute’s operations director Andy Foster said: ‘The safety of communities across the UK is the prime concern for the Trading standards profession.  Officers will do all that they can to make sure people are protected from these dangerous substances, by working alongside the police and other agencies to limit the availability of the drug until the ban comes into force.

‘Trading standards will want to work with businesses and help them comply with the law as it stands today, and also prepare them for the legislation changes which are likely to come in later this month.’