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Doorstep crime campaign

The successful launch of the All Wales Doorstep Crime Campaign took place at the Millennium Stadium on 26 May.

The event was presented by Sara Edwards, a well-known television presenter across Wales, and speakers included Carl Sergeant AM, Minister for Social Justice and Local Government, Sarah Stone, Deputy Older Persons Commissioner for Wales, Ken Yorston, Chair of WhoTS, Lisa Mitchell, Chairperson of the All Wales Doorstep Crime Group.

The Minister spoke of the commitment of the Welsh Assembly Government to improving the quality of life in the communities especially the most vulnerable and praised all the agencies for working together to keep this mainstream policy a priority.

The multi-agency group who has developed the All Wales Doorstep Crime Campaign was applauded for its work and it was made clear that continued support from all agencies is vital to ensuring the longevity of the campaign and its effectiveness. The Deputy Older Persons Commissioner welcomed the clear messages of the campaign and hopes that it will encourage reporting of doorstep crime incidents. Ken Yorston of WHoTs welcomed the core values running through the campaign of consumer confidence and protection that correspond to the Vision for Trading Standards and thanked the Welsh Assembly Government for the valuable funding of the campaign and other initiatives such as No Cold Calling Zones.

The campaign will involve a booklet, television, radio and newspaper advertising, posters on 500 buses across Wales, a targeted mail-drop of 350,000 booklets across Wales. The Group will be going to events such as the Royal Welsh Show to promote the message – ‘if in doubt keep them out’. will be a hub of information with links to sources of support and a downloadable version of the booklet.