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New chair at ACTSO

Steve Greenfield has been elected for a second stint as chair of the Association of Chief Trading Standards Officers.

Jacqui Kennedy, outgoing chair, said, 'What an amazing two years, it has been an absolute honour to chair ACTSO through our recent changes.  ACTSO  goes from strength to strength due to the energy and support of colleagues.

'At a time when we are all facing some big challenges we need our family, and my two years as ACTSO Chair has made me feel that we really are a family!  Thank you to everyone for your amazing support over the last two years and I know Steve Greenfield will do a great job as our  new Chairman!'

Steve said:

'In her role as chair for the past two years, Jacqui has produced a real sense of dynamism and gravitas for the association, and I want to follow her lead in terms of getting us much more centre stage. 
'It’s a volatile period in the public sector, but while there are threats, there are also huge opportunities to get the voice of regulatory services heard in government and beyond.
'Virtually every local authority will now be looking at how communities can do more for themselves, and we have the chance to demonstrate that we are a key part of this agenda. In clearing the streets of scammers, loan sharks and rogue traders – the very people who make communities weaker – we play a fundamental role in preparing societies to look after themselves.
'ACTSO is the only organisation that represents the views of the heads of trading standards services – those views might sometimes be controversial, but they need to be heard.'