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Success for trading standards as RIPA recommendations announced

trading standardsSuccess for trading standards as the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced in Parliament yesterday (Wednesday 26 January) the outcome of the Government's review of counter-terrorism and security powers. She also announced the publication of Lord Macdonald's Review on the same subject.

Trading Standards will retain the right to use powers under RIPA.

The Government review recommends the following:

i. Magistrate's approval should be required for all three techniques [Directed Surveillance, Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS), and Communications Data (CD)] and should be in addition to the authorisation needed now from a local authority senior manager (at least Director level) and the more general oversight by elected councillors.

ii. Use of RIPA to authorise directed surveillance only should be confined to cases where the offence under investigation carries a maximum custodial sentence of 6 months or more. But because of the importance of directed surveillance in corroborating investigations into underage sales of alcohol and tobacco, the Government should not seek to apply the threshold in these cases.

The Home Office review page provides links to all the documents. They can be viewed at

To view TSI's response to the Macdonald Review, click on the following PDF link TSI response_Macdonald Review (163KB)