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Large Scale Trading Standards Fakes Victory

HindsonAdrianA large scale importer and distributor of counterfeit goods in Camden Town was jailed Friday 16 Septembe for two years at Blackfriars Crown Court.  Judge Hillen described the case as a "major criminal enterprise."

Adrian Hindson, (40) of Fermoy Rd, W9, who also used alternative multiple identities, pleaded guilty to 25 counts of trade marks offences and money laundering. 

The offences relate to a business called Addy Ltd, registered at 57 Hartland Road, Camden, which is also the address of a nightclub called the ‘Fake Club’ where Adrian Hindson holds a personal licence.

The conviction is a culmination of a three year investigation by Camden Council’s trading standards.  Following raids undertaken with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police at the Fake Club and Stables Market in Camden Town, around 16,000 items were seized. 

The items seized had a total value in the region of £500,000.  The retail value of identical, but genuine goods would be around £3million.

Counterfeit goods bearing the trade marks of nearly every well known luxury or designer brands were involved, including Gucci, Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Prada.  In total there were over 500 different trade marks and brands involved.

The goods were sold at outlets including throughout Camden Town including the Stables Market and Buck Street Market.

The Fake Club is now boarded up and the large lettering saying ‘Fake Club’ has been painted over.

Councillor Sue Vincent, Cabinet member for environment and deputy leaders, said:

“Camden Council will protect unwary shoppers from purchasing poor quality goods.  This is one of the biggest cases that our trading standards team have ever seen and is an important victory for them.

“In bringing Mr Hindson and his company to justice we ended this large-scale criminal activity. We will not allow rogue traders to operate in our borough.”


Notes for editors

1. For more information contact Jane Bailey, senior communications officer, on 020 7974 2464 or

2. Photographs

(a) The Fake Club, Harland Rd, Camden Town in June 2011
(b) The Fake Club, Harland Rd, Camden Town, on 17 Aug 2011
(c) The mountain of seized goods
(d) Examples of the counterfeit branded goods
(e)     Photo of Adrian Hinson