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Agreed core skills for regulators

The Common Approach to Competency for regulators has been launched, providing a unique set of agreed core skills for regulators to use, supported by web based resources for personal development planning.

The World Class Coalition, comprising representatives from the CIEH, TSI, Institute of Licensing, Local Government Group, Health and Safety Executive, Food Standards Agency, National Measurement Office, Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency, and Association of Port Health Authorities, amongst others, has issued a statement of support for the ground breaking project.

The RDNA (Regulators’ Development Needs Analysis) and GRIP (Guidance for Regulators Information Point) have been used within health and safety regulation for over two years. More recently LBRO has been working with the World Class Coalition on a major initiative to extend a Common Approach to Competency across other local authority regulatory services functions. The RDNA and GRIP tools will be available from the LBRO professional competency pages The RDNA tool is available at  and GRIP at

Local authority officers working in licensing, trading standards and environmental health have access to a unique new competency framework to assist in their professional development. RDNA is now also available to officers working on food (food hygiene and food standards), animal health and welfare, housing, metrology, and port health. The RDNA supports the Trading Standards professional qualifications that underpin competency.

By spring 2012 RDNA will be further extended to cover pollution prevention and control, licensing (in particular the Licensing Act 2003), fair trading, product safety, and agricultural trading standards. The intention is that all of the main local regulatory services functions will be included within RDNA.