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1000 Bogus Charity Bags Seized by Trading Standards

Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards' ongoing clampdown on bogus charity bag collectors is paying dividends after more than 1000 empty bags and clothing that had already been collected was seized from a collection van in Warwick.

Trading Standards Officers discovered the collector following a day of action against all rogue traders.

The bags carried an image of a helicopter and claimed to raise money for ‘air ambulances’. However, Trading Standards believe that clothing donations made with these bags are being sold for profit with none of the money reaching genuine charities.

Further enquiries are ongoing.

Genuine charities are losing hundreds of thousands of pounds every year to rogue collectors, so if you are considering using a doorstep collection bag, follow this advice:

• Genuine charity bags should carry a charity number. Don’t mistake these for ‘business’ numbers.
• You can check if a charity is genuine by phoning the Charity Commission helpline on 0845 3000 218 or by visiting: www.
• Some bags you receive will be from commercial collectors who will sell your items for profit.
• There is no guarantee that a commercial collector will give any profits to charity, even if their bags state ‘for good causes’ or ‘supporting people in the third world’.
• If you are unsure take your donations directly to a charity shop.

For further information contact:
Simon Cripwell, Senior Information Officer, (01926) 414039 or 07771 975570