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Redbridge trading standards work to keep children safe

Redbridge Trading Standards is helping to keep children safe working closely with local businesses to ensure the toys they are selling are safe.


Every Christmas, Trading Standards officers keep watch for unsafe toys being sold in the Borough. Officers regularly inspect shops to check that toys on sale meet current safety legislation.


During inspections, if unsafe toys are found, action will be taken to remove them from the market, with enforcement action being taken where necessary.


Retailers must only supply toys which are safe and meet stringent safety standards.  If the toy is labelled with the ‘CE’ mark it means it meets the requirements of the Toys (Safety) Regulations.



Toys are generally much safer than they used to be, but there are still non-compliant toys being sold which is why Trading standards is offering the following toy safety tips to keep your children safe:
* Don’t buy  toys without a “CE” mark
* Always buy from reputable shops and traders
* If buying over the internet, buy from reputable web sites to reduce the risk of being supplied with unsafe and possibly counterfeit toys
* Look for safety signs in addition to the “CE” mark (e.g. the British Toy and Hobby Association ‘Lion  mark’)
* Don’t let children play with broken toys as they may no longer comply with safety standards
* Don’t forget to keep older children’s toys away from the toddler or baby
* Always remove plastic bags before giving a toy to a child

If consumers have concerns about the safety of the toys that they have purchased, they should contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.



For further information please contact: Debi Hale,  Media Officer on 020 8708 3844

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